ACCESS 2010: Physics Week #2


Modified Year of Physics Poster with both woman and man

Fun with a digital microscope: Measuring the Avogadro Number using videos of Brownian Motion.

Main Presentation on Brownian Motion Lab

A short derivation of Ideal Gas Law

A Presentation on Women in Physics

A Microscope Primer from Ken-A-Vision

Data Analysis for Brownian Motion

Cosmic Ray Research at U of U

Three Easy Pieces: Exercises in Simulation

Data tables AM Calibration, hair, π, and NA Table PM Calibration, hair, π, and NA Table

don't forget to upload your Excel spreadsheet file for π

Brownian Motion Measurements:

At 40x magnification: after focusing on a field with 20 or more microsphere in the suspension,
wait for the flow of the fluid to subside, then, without causing any vibrations (take the mouse
off the table and hold it in your hands), take a 2 minute of 1-sec-per frame-lapse movie.

Digitize the motion of 10 particles over the SAME 30s time interval (important!)
Take one sample every 3 seconds and record your data in the following Excel template
(download it, look at it and save it before you start)

Template 40x spread sheet (10 particles)

Repeat for 100x, in a field with at least 10 particles
digitize 7 particles every 3 seconds over the SAME 30s interval

Template 100x spread sheet (7 particles)

Results upload Pages

AM_grp1 AM_grp2 AM_grp3 AM_grp4 AM_grp5 AM_grp6 AM_grp7

PM_grp1 PM_grp2 PM_grp3 PM_grp4 PM_grp5 PM_grp6 PM_grp7

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